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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

The structural mill at Krishna Global Transenergy Limited uses state of art technology for production which in turn ensures delivery of quality products to each and every customers. The mill is equipped with midium & heavy structural rolling mills accommodating stands in queues attached with tilting tables, rollers and conveyers.
The process

Billets/Blooms/Slabs are tested as per standard specifications and are reheated in a furnace to the desired temperature.

Then material discharged from the furnace is then fed to the mill stands with the help of a roller conveyer table shifter, tilting table & sliding table and then rolled under controlled conditions to the desire profile.

The passes at the finishing mill ensures close dimensional control and the finished material is moved to the run out roller table where ends are cut by hot saw I shearing machine and air cooled.

Salient Features of the Rolling Mill

  • Unique Top and Bottom Fired Reheating Furnace
  • Precise Rolling
  • Automatic Cooling Bed
  • Perfect Shearing
  • Straightening
  • Systematic Handling
  • Quality Control

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