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Quality and Testing

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Quality and Testing

Our supply to more than 50 World Class Companies around the globe is the testimony of our quality. When it comes to quality, Krishna Global believes in stringent quality checks at every stage of production making it an integral part of the production process. Regular quality checks are carried out by experienced and highly qualified engineers and inspectors in-house as well as by external agencies. We adhere to well defined quality standards and our products are tested using modern testing facilities including Spectrometer and Universal Testing Machine, iMpact Machine, Profile projector to ensure the products of superior quality and reliability. We at Krishna Global deliver the highest level of commitment and service with competitiveness to our customers.

The Testing Procedures

Tensile Test : 2 samples per cast/heat (0-20 MT) are drawn. The Tensile strength, yield strength and percentage elongation of steel is determined from standard test pieces which are cut lengthwise.

Bend Test : 2 samples per cast/heat (0-20 MT) are drawn and bend test is conducted.

Chemical Test :samples per cast / heat (0-20MT) are drawn and chemical analysis for carbon, sulphur, phosphorus, silicon and manganese is conductor by spectrometer.

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