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Telecommunication Tower

Telecommunication towers are used for communication purposes among people. All the wireless communication, mobile networking, radio broadcasting and television antennas are connected via these towers. A full telecommunication tower is a whole set of mechanical structures and electronic signal processing unit which is used to connect people via telecommunications. All the telephone lines and mobile phone services are connected through these towers. These towers are also used for radar system and other armed forces purposes. Different heights of towers are used in different places and purposes. They can vary from 15 to 60 meters and some time more if required. For example in the land areas towers are higher in hill area so 15 to 30 meters high towers can be used but in land areas they are 30 to 60 meters in height. There are different types of the telecommunication towers which are used i.e. monopole, self supporting and guyed etc. The most used are the self supporting towers in the field of telecommunication, which is the specialization of final project and thesis as well.

KGTL has a big enough manufacturing unit in Vadodara, Gujarat. The company manufactures all the steel structures according to client's requirements. All the telecommunication towers with different sizes from 15 to 60 meters are manufactured in the factory unit and then further transported to the sites for the erection purpose.

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